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Creating a Report from a View

The most simple way to create a report is to start with creating a View of the data that you want to use as the foundation for your report, then send it to Excel for formatting and publishing.

CALUMO report information created from a view can be sent to Excel:

  • As a formatted spreadsheet containing simple CALUMO CGET formulae
  • As a formatted spreadsheet containing the more complex but powerful CGETMDX formulae
  • As a formatted spreadsheet containing values only with no underlying cube information (no CGETs) so that users without CALUMO can view the report

To enjoy a seamless Send to Excel experience, we recommend adjusting the settings in your browser to open Excel files automatically.

For more details on creating a View, please see: The Data Explorer.

Send to Excel

You can create editable, publishable reports that will maintain links to the data cube using the Send to Excel function. When you click the Send to Excel button in CALUMO, your view is written to an Excel workbook on the server and then sent to you as a download in your browser.

You can now edit your report: hide the headers, change colours and fonts, and completely customise it using standard Excel functionality.

Send As MDX

Selecting Send as MDX uses Analysis Services MDX syntax to provide a link to the data. Sending a view to Excel as MDX adds flexibility by providing access to the power of MDX.

Send As Reflex

Selecting Send as Reflex uses Analysis Services MDX syntax to provide a link to the data. The report that is generated uses the CREFLEX Formula.

Send as Values

Selecting Send as Values opens a formatted Excel spreadsheet containing only values without any underlying cube information, allowing non-CALUMO users to view a report.

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