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Role Management

Roles can be used to manage user access in the CALUMO application. Roles are containers that hold permissions which allow access to various functions within CALUMO. By limiting the permissions contained in a Role, administrators can restrict user access. Roles are assigned to Groups to manage group members’ access.

There are four built-in preconfigured Core roles: Administrators, Dimension Maintainers, Meta Admin and Publish Administrators. These Core roles are assigned to the existing system groups of the same name and cannot be changed. To learn more about their permissions, see Core roles.

Administrators can create custom roles by selecting from a list of permissions to match authorisation requirements for a particular Group. Once a role is assigned to a Group, every member within that group will have the selected role permissions.

Role Management is used to manage Roles (create, edit and delete) and to assign permissions to Roles.

Group Management is used to manage Groups (create, edit and delete) and to assign both members (users) and Roles to Groups.

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