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The CREPORTPART formula allows you to embed a section of another CALUMO report in your report and have it react dynamically with other dynamic elements on the report such as the CCHART formula.  


CREPORTPART(ReportName, Range, Family, Properties, Slicer1, …, SlicerN)


ReportName : string (required)

The public CALUMO report that you want to make a part out of.

Range : string (required)

The cell range or named range on the report that you want to embed.

Family : string

The chart family you want to connect this part to.

Properties : string

The additional properties to control how the part works. The CREPORTPARTPROPERTIES helper formula should be used here to feed in the properties.

Slicer1…SlicerN : string

The member unique ID’s that you want to pass this report to drive its initial start state.


For this formula to work correctly with other interactive charts on the report, a CCHARTSELECTIONS formula with the same Family must be on your report as the CREPORTPART listens to this in order to react to member selections.

A part is not a full blown representation of a CALUMO report, it is a cut down version that renders the same but has limitations in its functionality, e.g. it can not do writeback, cell navigation or freeze panes. If you want full CALUMO report functionality, then you need to look at using CREPORTFRAME.

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