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The CREPORTFONT formula allows you to specify font substitution for your Published Reports.


CREPORTFONT (ExistingFontName, ReplacementFontName, URL)


ExistingFontName : string (required)

The name of the font to be replaced (check the default font being used by Excel, by selecting a cell and checking the font name via the Home ribbon tab).

ReplacementFontName : string (required)

The name of the font to be used as a replacement.

URL : string

The URL to the font file that you want to use.

If no URL is specified, then Google Fonts are used.

Usage Scenarios

There are two main scenarios where CREPORTFONT can be used:

  1. To replace system fonts with specific web fonts using, for example Google Fonts.
  2. To ensure a specific corporate font shows correctly on the web.


  • =CREPORTFONT("Calibri","Lobster")
  • =CREPORTFONT("Calibri","Segoe UI")
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