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Release Highlights - 12.2.1

Relational Data Input and Reporting Enhancements

A new set of formula and Editable Tables features have been introduced that let you create and manage your own sets of tables (Custom Tables) as well as creating reports and input forms using these, or other, tables. The new CGETSQL formula allows you to bring back a single value by key and table from SQL Server, just like CGET does for data from Analysis Services.

Read more about Reporting Against Relational Data

Apps Menu Styles

A new menu style for Apps is available. ‘Block Menu’ will show your menu in a style that is more icon-based with the text of the item having less prominence.

Read more about Customizing Appearance (Menu Styles)

Custom Table Creation

CALUMO Administrators can now create SQL Server tables via CALUMO without requiring access to the underlying SQL Server.

Read more about Custom Tables

Editable Table Import / Export

Users are now able to import data into an editable table by uploading a spreadsheet.

Read more about Editable Tables Import / Export

Editable Table Enhancements

As with other parts of CALUMO, in Editable Tables, we now support a set of Events that you can associate SQL Server stored procedures with.  Read more about Before and After Save stored proc events

Another enhancement to Editable Tables is the ability to set a default clause Order By, just like we do with the Where clause

OLAP Session Management

To help administrators understand where potential bottlenecks might be occurring, we have added the ability to view and kill runaway or blocked OLAP processes on the data sources that CALUMO is connected to.

Read more about OLAP Session Management

Single Sign-on

You can now configure CALUMO to integrate with any SAML 2.0 compliant authentication endpoint as well as directly with Microsoft Azure AD

Single Sign-On

.NET 4.6.2

CALUMO is now running .NET 4.6.2.

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