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Configuration for Forms Authentication

In general, it is recommended that CALUMO be run in Forms authentication mode where users login with their Active Directory domain credentials and a browser cookie is kept.

Where the CALUMO Web Server is running in Windows Authenticated mode to allow users to take advantage of single sign-on, it should only be used when the SQL Server Analysis Services instance that CALUMO is querying is on the same server as the IIS web server to avoid complications with Kerberos double-hop authentication.

If the configuration of the servers is such that SQL Server Analysis Services is on a separate server to the IIS Web Server where CALUMO is running, Effective User Name mode must also be enabled for CALUMO to be able to query SQL Server Analysis Services correctly with user security applied.

To change the configuration mode of CALUMO into Forms Authentication mode, perform the following steps:

  1. Update master.config.json for Forms Authentication
  2. Update master.config.json for Effective Username
  3. Update Server Configuration with required settings for Forms Authentication
  4. Re-run the CALUMO Web Server installer for the version that is currently installer so that it resets the IIS settings for Forms Authentication.
  5. Perform the remaining steps for turning on Effective User Name mode in CALUMO
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