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Release Highlights - 2024.2

Job Management

Job Management once configured by your consultant, offers users the capability to efficiently monitor the status of selected SQL Server agent jobs directly from the user interface. This includes the ability to initiate, halt, and review job histories and schedules seamlessly within Calumo.

Additionally, users can conveniently access detailed job descriptions directly through the Calumo UI, significantly streamlining their workflow and saving valuable time and effort.

Visit Job Management. to learn more about the functional and technical details.

In-depth Logging

It refers to the practice of capturing detailed information about the operation of a system or application. It involves recording various types of data related to events, errors, transactions, user interactions, and performance metrics. In-depth logging is crucial for troubleshooting issues, analyzing behavior In Server logs Page.

SQL Server Upgrade 2022

CALUMO has now been certified to run SQL Server 2022 For More Information feel free to visit SQL Server

Calumo Skylights

Calumo Skylights has been updated as part of this release. Several known issues have been addressed, but two remain, including Hi-Res save and App Slicer update.

Users currently using Skylights via an older version of the Add-in are advised to NOT update their Calumo Add-in.

The two outstanding issues will be resolved in the next release.

Jquery Upgrade from 3.4.1 to 3.6.0

Jquery Upgrade benefits from security fixes, reducing the risk of exploitation by attackers. it provide security best practices and enhancements to mitigate common security threats.

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