CREPORTFREEZEPANE only applies to published reports.  The formula is entered in Excel but its behaviour only becomes evident after the report is published.  The function creates freeze panes in a report. Panes can be either rows, columns or both (e.g 4 way split).

Please note: Merged cells should not cross over freeze pane boundaries. This will cause the report to render incorrectly.





(Required) The location from which the freeze pane should start as a Cell Reference string.

You need to use a string for this argument, not a cell reference as if it is a cell reference, the value from that cell will be used, not the reference



The style of pane. Acceptable values are:

  • Row
  • Col
  • Quad

Usage Scenarios

To create a freeze pane in a report. Set the location to the first scrollable row or column and define a type of freeze pane.

If you select D5 as a row freeze pane the entire ‘5th‘ row will freeze.

If you select D5 as a column freeze pane the entire ‘D’ column will freeze.

If you select E5 as a Quadrant freeze pane, the screen will be split into 4 at column ‘E’ on the 5th row.




If the web page is wide enough, no scrolling required

Once the web pane is small enough, scrolling across columns (with locked columns prior to column D) becoming evident



Scrolling locks from row 10



Using the quad option results in a four way split

Scrolling is locked from Column C and Row 9. Columns D and beyond and rows 10 and beyond are scrollable.