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Release Highlights - 2020.4

“After Import” stored procedures for Editable Tables

The Editable Tables feature allows sets of stored procedures to be set up to run on Before Save and After Save events when records are added, edited or deleted.

Administrators can now also select to run stored procedures after importing tables.

Read more about After Import stored procedures execution.

CREPORTUPLOAD formula update

CREPORTUPLOAD allows files to be uploaded into CALUMO for processing with a custom SQL Server stored procedure.

Uploaded files that are one of the supported file types (.XSLX, .XLSM or .CSV) will now, automatically, be converted into JSON. If you’re writing stored procedures in SQL, you can now natively query or manipulate columns that contain JSON.

Learn more about CREPORTUPLOAD and JSON representation.

Enhanched Published Reports functions

Drill to view

We’ve enhanced Drill to View to allow users to easily save views they build when drilling out from a CALUMO Published Report. A new save button means that users don’t have to clone out the view before saving it, making it easier to share useful views.

Read more about the Published Report toolbar.

Drill to transactions

Drill to transactions allows access to more granular information about a selected data point. Users can now drill to transactions using a custom set.

If you create a custom subset, you can now drill into any data points that are defined by this custom subset. One example is choosing multiple members for any of your slicers. This means that there are vastly fewer situations for which drill to transactions can’t be used.

For more information, see Working with Published Reports.

New look UI for Meta

Meta has a fresh new look. The functionality of Meta has not changed, so Administrators and Meta Admins still have the ability to create and edit meta data that is visible to users.

For more information about Meta including images, see Meta Administration.

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