The CHYPERLINK formula is used to create a hyperlink in Excel that opens the URL specified in the user’s default web browser.


CHYPERLINK (URL, Target, Linktext, Tooltip, WebdisplayStyle, Width, Height, Arg1…Arg20)



(Required)   The Hyperlink destination


Where to open the linked document (in HTML, the attribute element of the anchor tag).

Leave this argument blank if you are not trying to open in an iframe via the CREPORTFRAME formula


The text to display (instead of showing the full text of the URL)


The text to display on hover


How to open the linked document (ie display/open style) - choices are:

Default value: “normal”

Value Behavior
“normal” To display the link in the same window
“newtab” Opens the link in a new tab
“newwindow” Opens the link in a new window
“lightbox” Opens the link in a light box (zooms to the foreground while greying-out the background). The lightbox:close event can be used to be notified - in javascript asset code - when it’s closed.


Width of display window (applies to WebDisplayStyle “newwindow” and “lightbox”)


Height of the display window (applies to WebDisplayStyle “newwindow” and “lightbox”)


First argument - all arguments are appended to the URL as a query string


The nth argument, you can have up to 20 args.

Usage Scenarios

If WebDisplayStyle is not specified, the normal default will apply. The target is the name of the browser window or frame in which the URL will open and is commonly used in conjunction with the CREPORTFRAME “Name” argument.

The linktext argument can be passed a URI (url address to an image ie http://yourserver/calumo11/images/yourimagefile.jpg), and this image will then render when published.

Images, depending on their size, may create issues with freeze pane - if you cannot resize the image then one solution is ensure the image is rendered on both sides of the freeze pane.