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What is a CALUMO App?

A CALUMO App is a way to share anything that is available in CALUMO into a special compact and customisable interface.

While you can already share items, such as Reports, individually, an App enables you to share a collection of items - organized and styled to suit your particular needs.

An App is created using the App Designer which creates a separate interface (with it’s own URL) that you can share with other CALUMO users.

How can you use it?

When an App is used, it appears as a list of documents with folders for navigation.

When designing an App, you can group items into folders by topic, purpose or business requirement.  

In this way, an App can present users with a pack of interrelated reports (or other items) that provide a more complete view than would be possible with a single shared report.


Apps enable you take control of the CALUMO interface in various ways, such as adding query strings to reports and creating your own colors and icons.

You can also restrict access to the App or to any items within the App via Groups.

In short, CALUMO Apps are a way to design your own mini CALUMO interface.

CALUMO Apps are also optimised to work on mobile devices - simply access an App from your device.

A sample App with documents available (left) and the viewing pane (right)


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