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Authorised Procs

Access to Stored Procedures (procs) within CALUMO is restricted to a whitelist to avoid potentially dangerous operations within functions such as CREFLEXSQL and CEXECSTOREDPROC.

The Authorised Procs page allows you to specify which procs are available on each server.

The Connections page allows you to add servers (pictured below as Data Sources).

Data Sources

The Data Source listing includes the provider type in brackets - (eg SqlServer/MySQL/Oracle).

Bolded items indicate that the Data Source has at least one proc already set as available.

Available Stored Procs

Procs can be filtered by typing in the search field.

Procs that are listed but not set as available, are at the bottom and conversely procs set as available, are ordered at the top.

There is no save button - all on/off checking actions are saved automatically

Authorized Procs screen

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