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The CFORMATTER formula formats a range of data - by specifying a formatting range and a data range.

CFORMATTER is the formatting engine from the CREFLEX formula.

When a cell in the data range matches a number in the same column of the formatting range, then it applies the formatting of that row into the data range. Matching incorporates Regular Expressions.


CFORMATTER (FormatRange, DataRange)


Format Range : string (required)

The range containing the formatting that will be applied to a row in the data range when a cell value matches.

Data Range : string (required)

Data range to have formatting applied when matched.


The following image shows a CFORMATTER formula added to cell C3 using the rows from 8 to 10 as the formatting to be applied to the target rows in 14 to 24 based on the key in column B.

When published, the formats from rows 8 to 10 are applied to the table in rows 14 to 24, regardless of any formatting in the target range. The result is shown below:

Download the sample report here.

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