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Introduction to the CALUMO Website

The CALUMO website is all about getting the information you need, at the right level of detail.

To start, we are presented with 5 main options (along the top) - Recent, My, Library, Apps and Data. These options are referred to as ‘Drawers’ and are described below.

If you are looking for something in particular, however, the simplest option may be to Search for it.

Recent is a handy list of the last few documents that you have viewed

My shows items that are specific to you - private documents and favorites

Library shows everything that has been made available to everyone (ie public)

Apps shows Apps (which are groups of items) and might contain everything you need, if the App is created for you.

Data is for more advanced users who want to navigate data via cubes (and use Data Explorer)

The drawer that slides in and out when selecting many of the options above can be refreshed and pinned - see Using Drawers for details.

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