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Maintain Dimension


Maintain Dimension is composed of 5 separate components

Name Purpose
Toolbar Perform Maintain Dimension tasks.
Search bar Locate and browse through nodes in the Dimension Tree.
Dimension Tree Display the Dimension nodes in a hierarchical tree format and allow selection and manipulation of nodes through dragging and dropping nodes.
Cart Holding area for Dimension Tree nodes. Nodes can be dragged and dropped here and then dragged back onto the Dimension Tree.
Edit Pane Display the nodes currently selected in the Dimension Tree in an editable grid just like the Table Editor. The Edit Pane shows all attributes of the selected nodes.

Maintain Dimension Anatomy

Important Concepts

Aggregates and Leaves

A Leaf is the lowest level item in the tree. Leaves cannot have children leaves or aggregates.

An Aggregate can have child nodes, either leaves or other aggregates. Also known as a Parent/child Item.

Saving changes

No changes to the Dimension are saved until the Save button is clicked. If the browser window or tab is closed before saving all changes are lost.

Processing the Dimension

Changes will not be visible in reports or views that use the Maintained Dimension until the changes are saved and the Dimension is processed by clicking the Process button on the toolbar.


Button Function
New Aggregate Add a new Aggregate node to the Dimension Tree.
New Leaf Add a new Leaf node to the Dimension Tree.
Delete Delete Node(s) from the Tree.
Save Save changes to the server.
Process Process the Dimension.
Expand Expand nodes in the Dimension Tree.
Collapse Collapse nodes in the Dimension Tree.
Deselect Deselect all nodes in the Dimension Tree.
Undo Undo the previous action.
Redo Redo the previous action that was undone.
Reset Undo all changes since the last Save.
Select Dimension Select a Dimension to load.

How to Maintain Dimensions

Load a dimension

  1. Open the CALUMO home page.
  2. Click the Data tab at the top of the page.

  3. Click the Open Maintain Dimension button.

  4. The Maintain Dimension tab opens. Click on the drop-down list to load a Dimension

Selecting Nodes

Maintain Dimension allows you to select multiple nodes at the same time on the Dimension Tree. Only one node can be selected at a time in the Cart.

You can select and deselect nodes in the following ways:

Type Description
Single click Selects the node or deselects the node if it is currently selected.
Control + click Adds a node to the current selection or removes it if it is currently selected.
Shift + click Selects the node clicked on, the currently selected nodes and any nodes in between.
Rectangle select All nodes inside the region highlighted by the rectangular selector are selected. Node outside are deselected.
Search Any nodes that match the search criteria are selected.
Deselect button on the toolbar Deselects all currently selected nodes.


To search for a node type your search term into the search box at the top of the Dimension tree. The number of matches found is displayed in the caption below the search box.

Click the Down button to navigate to the next matched item in the tree.

Click the Up button to navigate to the previously matched item in the tree.

Expanding and Collapsing Nodes

Nodes in the tree can be expanded and collapsed by using the Expand and Collapse buttons on the Toolbar.

When the expand or collapse buttons are clicked the currently selected nodes will be expanded/collapsed. If nothing is selected then all nodes in the tree are expanded/collapsed.

Editing Node properties

When you select nodes in the Dimension tree they appear in the Edit Pane. Aggregates appear in the Parent child items grid and Leaves in the Leaf items grid.

The edit grids allow you to change the properties of the nodes by typing them in.

Once you have finished making changes click the Save button in the top right of the Edit pane to save your changes back to the Dimension Tree. You can also revert any changes by clicking the Close button.

Rearranging Dimension Tree Nodes

Nodes can be moved around the tree by dragging and dropping them from one location in the tree to another. Nodes can be moved from one parent to another and also reordered by dragging and dropping. You can also drag and drop items into the Cart where they can be rearragned in the Cart and then dragged back to the Dimension Tree.


You cannot Save changes to the Dimension if there are any nodes still in the Cart.

Creating a new Node in the Dimension Tree

To create a new node, select a parent node in the Dimension Tree.

The Add Aggregate button will now be enabled. If the Administrator has enabled it the Add Leaf button will be enabled too (if not enabled by the Administrator the button will not appear on the toolbar).

Click on the Add Aggregate or Add Leaf button. The new node will appear in the Edit Pane on the right where you can edit its name and properties before saving.

When ready click the Save button in the top right of the Edit pane to save your changes back to the Dimension Tree. You can also delete the node without saving by clicking the Close button.

Depending on the properties of the Dimension, some properties are mandatory and you will not be able to Save changes until they are filled in.

Deleting Dimension Tree Nodes

To delete nodes from the Dimension Tree, select them and then click the Delete button on the toolbar. Click the Save button to permanently save these changes to the Dimension.

  • Nodes cannot be deleted if they have children nodes. You must move the children to another location in the tree before the parent can be deleted.
  • Nodes cannot be deleted from the Cart, only from the Dimension Tree.

Undo, Redo and Reset

Maintain Dimension keeps a full history of all actions performed since the last Save including:

  • Dragging and dropping nodes
  • Editing node properties
  • Adding/Deleting nodes
  • Selecting/Deselecting nodes

Click the Undo button to undo the previously performed action. You can continue to click undo until all actions have been undone since the last Save.

Click the Redo button to redo the previously undone action.

Click the Reset button to undo all actions since the last Save or the Dimension was loaded, whichever is more recent.

  • Actions performed before the last save cannot be undone. Once saved the changes are permanent.
  • Changes to the Dimension made by processing it cannot be undone.

Saving and Processing

When you are happy with your changes to the Dimension, click the Save button on the toolbar to save these changes to the Server. Once this is done you can click the Process button on the toolbar. At this point your changes should be visible in Reports and Views that read from the Dimension.

If you just want to Re-Process the Dimension you can click the Process button and the Dimension will be reprocessed. Note that if the button is disabled you have unsaved changes and will either need to Save them by clicking the Save button or clicking the Reset button.

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