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Date and Time Functions

DATE Returns the serial number that represents a date.
DATEDIF Returns the difference of two dates in years, months or days.
DATEVALUE Converts date text to a DATEVALUE serial number.
DAY Returns the corresponding day of the month serial number or date text from 1 to 31.
DAYS360 Returns the number of days between two set dates based on a 360-day year.
HOUR Returns the hour as a serial number integer between 0 and 23.
MINUTE Returns the serial number that corresponds to the minute.
MONTH Returns the corresponding serial number of the month of a date between 1 and 12.
NOW Returns the current date and time in the form of a serial number.
SECOND Returns the seconds portion of a serial time value.
TIME Returns the decimal value of a given time.
TIMEVALUE Returns the decimal number for a given time.
TODAY Returns the current date as a serial number.
WEEKDAY Returns the corresponding day of the week as a serial number.
YEAR Returns the corresponding year as a serial number in the form of an integer.
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