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Rich Text Notes

Rich text note commentary may be added to your published reports by using the CGETNOTE or CGETMDXNOTE formulae. This allows the user to store notes with varying fonts, sizing, colours, bolding & italics. Pasting formatted content from Microsoft Word directly into the commentary text box is also supported.


In Excel, rich text notes are converted to their plain text equivalent.

When the report containing one of these formulas is published and you want to add or edit the comments, the following menu appears when you click on the cell, this is the abbreviated set of options available:

Menu Option Icon Description
Bold This button makes the selected text bold.
Italic This button makes the font italics for the selected text.
Underline This button underlines the selected text.
Bullets This button allows you to add a bullet list point to the selected text.
Numbering This button allows you to add a numbered list to the the selected text.
Indent This button allows you to indent the selected text.
Outdent This button allows you to outdent the selected text.
Show More This button will expand out the available formatting options. ( see below )
Show History This button allows you to view the history of comments for that particular data point. ( see below )

If you press the Show More button, a set of extended formatting options are shown, the below table details what the options are.

Menu Option Icon Description
Font This drop down allows you to change fonts for the selected text
Size This drop down allows you to change the size of the selected text
Format This drop down allows you to change the format of the selected text based on a set of pre-defined formats
Clear Formatting This button clears any formatting which has been applied to your selected text
Show HTML This button allows you to view and edit the raw HTML that represents the current note


When you view the notes history for a particular cell, you will see the notes in descending date order showing who authored them and what was said.

Clicking on the note authors will create you a draft email with context of that note.

From this window you can export the full history of notes as a Microsoft Excel file, you can also click on the name of the user that made the comment to have an email created in your default email client referencing this note as a starting point.

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