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WriteBack (VBA)


There are a set of VBA functions that enable writeback.

  • StartWriteBack(Datasource, Catalog, MDX)
  • AddWriteBack(Row, Column, Value)
  • ExecuteWriteBack

These methods allow you to perform a bulk writeback operation to a cube at cell positions in the data grid specified by the MDX.

The data is not written until the ExecuteWriteBack method is called.


With Application.COMAddIns("Calumo.ExcelClient.Connect").Object
    Call .StartWriteBack(DataSource, catalog, MDX)
    Call .AddWriteBack(1, 1, WritebackValue1)
    Call .AddWriteBack(2, 1, WritebackValue2)
    Call .AddWriteBack(3, 1, WritebackValue3)
    ErrorMessage = .ExecuteWriteback
End With
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