Access Control

Access Control allows an Administrator to control users access to Documents and Cubes - via Groups.

Choose Library or Cubes from the toggle (top/left) and assign groups to it.

Visibility vs Security

Cube access is only a visual restriction within CALUMO and is separate from actual (SSAS) security. Users/Groups without access will not see a given cube in the Data Drawer - so will not be able to browse it.

Document access is also a visual restriction - users without access will not see the document in the Library or in Search but can see the document if a URL is provided directly to them.

Access to Apps and the documents within it are controlled separately within the App.

Assigning Groups

Groups are assigned to a document or cube by moving them between the buckets (panes) of “available” and “assigned” - similar to Users Management

Click the arrow to move that group in or out of the assigned and available buckets.

To move multiple groups, use shift keys while selecting or drag the mouse in a square shape to make a multiple selection.

Pressing any arrow, while multiple are selected, will move all the selected groups.

Documents and Folders

Folders also have permissions - in addition to documents.

If you create a new folder it will start with no permissions - ie it will not inherit permissions from a parent - and will start being visible only to Administrators.

There are 2 cases where permissions will automatically be assigned as a logical convenience

  1. If you use the Library Drawer to drag a document into a folder, the document will automatically inherit all permissions from the folder so dragging a new report with no permissions into a folder named “Lemmings Only” which has group “Lemmings” - will automatically assign group “Lemmings” to the report.
  2. Likewise (vice versa) if you drag a report which has group “Apples” assigned, into a folder named “All” which has no groups assigned, group “Apples” will be automatically assigned to the folder Permissions are never removed from a document automatically, in this way - only added.

Effective Access

“Effective Access” allows for browsing “what is visible to” a selected user or group. For example, what documents can user “Bob” see in the Library, Data (cubes), and within a given App

To use, select a User or Group from the dropdowns top/left (selecting one will cancel out the other). then, optionally select an App (far right column):