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Version History 2022.1


June 17, 2022
Fixed CORE > WEB > Resolved an issue with the performance of a core component that was causing the entire sites performance to degrade over time.
Fixed HOME > FILE UPLOAD > Resolved an issue with uploaded files saving a zero bytes file
Fixed REPORTS > CReportSqlSelector > Resolved an issue that was causing duplicate values to show


March 14, 2022
New HOME > FILE UPLOAD > Added the ability to configure anti-virus scanning for uploaded files

2022.1 Release

16 February, 2022
Improved PUBLICATIONS > Increased logging detail and visiblity for Publications
Fixed CGETSQL > Resolved an issue where a CGETSQL date function occasionally would display 20 January regardless of the true value
Fixed CORE > Resolved an issue for users with multiple environments where UX Opt-in settings were propagating across environments
Fixed CORE > Resolved an issue where the dimension tree would not render if an Analysis Services perspective did not contain and measures or measuregroups
Fixed CORE > REPORTS > Resolved an issue where large MDX statements without a “WITH” clause had performance issues
Fixed META > Resolved an issue where frequent store calls downgraded UX performance
Fixed META > Resolved an issue where Meta editor would not accept carriage returns
Fixed WRITEBACK > Resolved inconsistent UI behaviour for cells previously written to

This is the initial release of CALUMO 2022.1.

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