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Skylight Fields

Skylights in Microsoft Word now lets you insert text assets inline in your document narrative that are linked directly back to a single cell in a report in CALUMO.

See this article for an overview and video of how to use Skylight Fields

Skylight Reports - High Res Publish

To enhance the print quality of Skylight Reports when using Microsoft Word, we have now turned off Microsoft ClearType when performing a High Res publish of your document.  This will ensure that fonts are not smoothed within the Skylight Reports when a snapshot image is taken so that they are rendered for printing.

Additional Conditional Format Support

We have made a set of changes to our Published Reports understanding of conditional formats to increase the types that are supported as well as the number of formats per cell.

You are now able to use more than three conditional formats per cell.

You are also able to use the following types of conditional formats when designing your CALUMO reports in Excel:

  • Top n / Bottom n Rules
  • Unique/Duplicate
  • Text comparison
  • Date

On top of the existing support for:

  • Formula
  • Cell Value

Additional Excel Formula Support

CALUMO Published Reports now support 50 new Excel 2013 formula (see here) as well as the Excel 2010 Aggregate formula

Access Control  - Admin

Previously known as Security Admin, the new Access Control administration interface is now available to help you manage the visibility of the Library and Data drawers for your users of CALUMO.

Read more here

Connect to Azure Analysis Services

CALUMO now supports connections to Azure Analysis Services models.

To configure these connections, go to Admin > Server Configuration > Datasources Mappings and create a new remote connection.

For more information see here

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